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I began developing websites at the age of 14 because it was something interesting to do and wanted to put some links out there to share with friends and family. All of the first webpages were extremely crude but worked. Since then my personal site has undergone a bunch of major, and many minor revisions and continues.

If you are interested, I took the time to find parts of my old sites and am providing links to them below in no specific order.

NOTE: Prior to hosting the web pages and content myself, I distributed everything to different free web hosting sites so I may consume more space and bandwidth. Otherwise I would be forced to pay for web space and more bandwidth. This was working out well until I had 15+ different free web hosting accounts which became unmanageable.
WARNING: The following legacy pages are all unmanaged and contain broken links.


I am currently 24 years old. My current hobbies involve playing PC games when I can find time, work on my personal website, learn about new technology trends and technologies online, and reading news from sites such as slashdot.org. In addition, I also enjoy learning about cars and perform maintenance to it limited to the equipment I own along with time.

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